No leads in taxi driver murder

Several sources told this newspaper that investigators have not found a lead.

Keith Bowen a resident of First Street, Vigilance, East Coast Demerara was found near the entrance to the `Island’ at West La Penitence bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound.

Police were called to the scene and they took the still breathing man to the Georgetown Hospital where he later died.

Residents had reported that a white car stopped briefly on the dark road and an explosion was heard shortly after. The car subsequently drove off.

It was an elderly woman passing near the area who saw Bowen lying just off the road bleeding. She raised an alarm.

The man was listed as unidentified on Thursday night but when his dark grey car was found abandoned on Princes Street in the vicinity of Lombard Street the following morning with blood on the driver’s seat, colleagues and relatives turned up at the Georgetown Hospital. He was positively identified.

The last contact that Bowen had with the service was around 8.30 am on Thursday when he made his last drop and later said that his car was overheating.

No one knew about his whereabouts until Friday morning when he was identified at the mortuary.

Investigations are continuing.

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