Father and son found dead at Shell Beach

Two Pomeroon men were found apparently murdered at Shell Beach in the North West District on Saturday, their bodies decomposed, when relatives went looking for them after they did not return home at the appointed time.

Dead are Romeo De Agrella, 41, and his 20-year-old son Clint De Agrella of Grant Strong, Lower Pomeroon, Essequibo. Reports said both bodies had bullet wounds.

According to reports reaching this newspaper, the father and son had left with their boat to purchase fuel in Venezuela. They had reportedly told family members that they would be back on Friday.

When they did not show up, reports said, relatives formed a search party and went looking for them. After searching the waters for a while, the relatives happened on a boat that was travelling from the North West District.

Reports are that the persons on the boat told the De Agrellas’ relatives that they had passed a boat a while back which appeared to have had no one on board. The relatives followed the directions and on Saturday found the bullet-riddled, decomposing bodies of the De Agrellas at Shell Beach as well as their boat, which had blood in it.

The relatives reportedly contacted the police at Essequibo and returned with them to the area. The bodies were reportedly brought back to the Pomeroon yesterday. There was no word as to whether, given their state of decomposition, they had since been buried.

Reports are that the police are investigating. Up to press time last night, the police had not issued a statement on the incident.

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