GNBS develops standard for transporting produce

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) has developed a Code of Practice for the packaging and transport of tropical fresh fruits and vegetables for agriculture stakeholders.

In a press release the GNBS said the Code has been developed through the combined efforts of the Technical Committee Agriculture and Sub-committee crops. It will provide guidelines that will inform farmers and other key stakeholders in the agriculture sector about the safe packaging, handling and transport of tropical fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm to the market place.

This standard also benefited from inputs from CAC/RCP 44-1995 “International Code of Practice for the packaging and transport of tropical fresh fruits and vegetables” and was adapted, finalized and approved by the National Standards Council as a national standard. It will help to ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables maintain their quality upon arrival at their destinations, the release said.

The GNBS said the document addresses key elements like proper packaging, handling and transport practices of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain quality; mode and suitability of transportation, type of equipment, degree of produce perishableness amount of produce to be transported, recommended storage temperature, time in transit to reach destination by air, land or sea, external temperature conditions at origin and destination points and the value of the produce. The Code also addresses loading methods, refrigeration specifications, packaging conditions and techniques and pre-cooling practices.

Stakeholders such as farmers, agriculture personnel, exporters, packagers and persons involved in the transportation of produce are urged to obtain copies of the standard. The document can be obtained from the Technical Standards Information Unit at the GNBS’s head office located at the National Exhibition Complex in Sophia. Enquiries can be made at telephone numbers 219-0064, 219-0065 or 219-0062.

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