Labourer remanded over two separate cell phone robberies

A 20-year-old labourer yesterday pleaded not guilty to the charges of robbery with violence and larceny from the person when he appeared before Acting Chief Magis-trate Melissa Robertson at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

It is alleged that on March 21 at Georgetown, Joel Grannum of 21 Victor and Joseph Pollydore streets, Lodge stole from Raywattie Persaud one cellular phone valued $20,000.

It is also alleged that on March 17 at Georgetown, Grannum robbed Mahendra Balram of one cell phone valued $98,000 and at the time of the robbery used personal violence on Balram.

Persaud told the court that on the day in question, she was on her way to work when the defendant demanded her cellular phone. “My Worship, while walking to work on America Street he come up from behind me an seh loose it [the phone].” Persaud further stated that when she turned around and started to give opposition, he grabbed the phone from her hands and ran away. She subsequently raised an alarm and the defendant was apprehended and handed over to the police.

According to the defendant, there was a large crowd on America Street at the time and he bumped into the virtual complainant (VC) and was trying to pick up her phone after it fell as a result of him bumping into her. “My Worship I de only trying fuh help she. After I bump into she de phone fall down and I pick it up.

“After when I pick up de phone an giving she it my Worship, she start wan hallering fuh thief, thief an dem people round deh hold me an is suh come I get lack up.” He stated also that when he was in police custody, he was identified as the person who had robbed Balram.

However, according to Police Prosecutor Denise Griffith, the defendant had been before the court on similar charges. She added that he currently has matters pending at Court Six.

Grannum was persistent in requesting bail but this was denied and he was remanded to prison. His matter was transferred to Court Three for March 30.

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