Three in custody over Bush Lot break-in

Three suspects have been placed in custody at the Fort Wellington Police Station following the breaking-in of two homes and several business places at Bush Lot, West Berbice on Sunday morning.

Police sources told this newspaper that they are currently “working on scientific evidence” and that charges are likely to be laid depending on the outcome of the investigations. They said too that nothing has so far been recovered.

The bandits broke into the C&S Computer Repairs which suffered over $5 million in losses and damages. An employee of C&S, Charran Singh had told this newspaper that the bandits carted off two flat-screen monitors, a pair of speakers, ink from a printer and computer parts amounting to about $2.7 million.
They also damaged $3 million worth in equipment including a system unit and a printer. A large steel rod, which was apparently used by the bandits to wrench open the locks, was also left on the counter.

Over at the home of a land surveyor, Khemraj Persaud, the bandits stole more than $1 million worth in jewelllery, $100,000 cash, a quantity of items from his shop and a Razr cellular phone.

Persaud who also owns a grocery store said that he was shocked when he woke up at around 6.30 am yesterday to discover that bandits had raided the top and bottom flat of his home. The man also said that the bandits emptied two calculators and a radio set from his backpack that he used for work to stash some of their loot. A cartoon box filled with tools, bicycle parts, cigarettes and chocolates were left behind on a table by the bandits.

He figured that the break-in occurred at around 3 am because when he got up at around 2 am to use the washroom everything seemed fine. He said he normally wakes up at the slightest sound and suspected that the bandits must have spayed the house with some chemical so they would sleep through the incident.

Across the road from the C&S Computer Repairs, bandits also raided the Ultra Clear Purified Water Service belonging to Kamal Sheriff and stole two five-gallon bottles and other items.

Sheriff also rents other sections of his building to the Cheddie and Sankar Fashions and the Little Rock Television Station for a sub-office and Salim’s Jewellery.

Nikita Tejram, an employee of Little Rock said she got a call about the break-in and when she arrived she saw the drawers pulled out and photographs and other documents scattered all over. All that was missing, she said is a staple machine.

The bandits also broke into the home of a Canadian-based resident who was not around at the time. This newspaper learnt that the home was ransacked but it is not clear if anything was stolen.

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