Three women and baby hospitalized after violent attack

A 21-year-old woman, her six-month-old baby and two female relatives were admitted as patients at the Georgetown Public Hospital, after her ex-reputed husband launched a violent attack on them with a piece of wood yesterday morning.

Kalwantie Kumar, 21, of Hand-en-veldt, Mahaica was returning home from the clinic with her baby girl, Sema Rambarat, when she was attacked by a man with whom she had formerly shared a relationship. Hemwantie Kumar, her 20-year-old sister and their 56-year-old mother, Lapatie Persaud, rushed to her assistance and were also beaten by the man.

Injured: Kalwantie Kumar
Injured: Kalwantie Kumar

The baby, who sustained a fractured skull and Persaud who was severely injured to the head were taken to the St Joseph Mercy Hospital for CT scans. Both were admitted to Georgetown Hospital where they remained in serious condition up to late last night.

A fractured right arm and wound to the head were among Kalwantie’s injuries while her sister Hemwantie was wounded to the head. The women were admitted to Female Ward C 2 at the hospital and were in stable condition yesterday.

Up to press time last night the suspect had not been apprehended by the police. Kalwantie’s relatives told Stabroek News at the hospital yesterday that the man had threatened her several times and even “promised to wipe out” her entire family.

Kalwantie, relatives said, became involved in a relationship with the suspect about five years ago. The union, according to them, had produced one child but Kalwantie opted out of the relationship about two years ago after suffering repeated verbal and physical abuse.
The woman had since moved on with her life and had borne her current reputed husband the baby girl who was injured during the attack. Relatives said yesterday that the child’s father had not yet been informed of the incident.

When this newspaper visited the women yesterday they were all still shaken. Kalwantie’s nephew-in-law, Ronald Bahadur, who witnessed the attack, told this newspaper that it was shortly before 9 am yesterday that the woman got out of a taxi with her baby.

“The road is rough,” Bahadur explained. “So she stop a short distance away to walk the lil piece to her house.”
The suspect, Bahadur said, approached Kalwantie, grabbed her by the arm and demanded she go with him. When the woman refused, the suspect, according to Bahadur, picked up a piece of wood that was laying at the corner of the road and began hitting Kalwantie, who tried as best as she could to shield her baby in her arms.
Persaud and Hemwantie, who live near by, heard the woman’s screams and rushed to her assistance but the man turned on them, beating them about their heads and bodies with the same piece of wood.

As other relatives became aware of the attack and approached the scene to intervene, Bahadur reported, the suspect fled, tossing the piece of wood in a nearby trench.
Relatives expressed concern for Persaud and the child who they said seemed to have suffered the worst.

The matter was reported to the police and the victims have since given statements. This newspaper was informed by a police source that investigations and searches for the suspect are continuing.
– cops seeking ex-lover Ex-reputed husband batters woman, baby and relatives

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