Gunmen raid another Sheriff St business

Gunmen have struck at another business place on Sheriff Street.
On Tuesday evening at about 8:40 pm, two gunmen raided the City Wide Internet café located obliquely opposite the GuyOil Service Station on Sheriff Street at the City Holiday Inn.

According to Claudius London, the “part-manager” of the business, he, two other employees and a few customers were in the café when the men struck.  He said that two unmasked men walked in and one of them approached him and pulled a gun. He said that from his position he could not tell if the second man had a gun as well.

The businessman said that the customers were ordered to lie on the floor and were stripped of cash and cellular phones. He said that he was robbed of his cell phone which was valued at over $30,000, while his wallet with $11,000 in cash was also taken from him. The men proceeded to take cash from the cash register as well as watches and cellular phones that were on sale on the premises.

According to London, the men demanded that the cash from the register be handed over and then asked for the keys for the showcases.  He said that at one point the men became agitated at the perceived tardiness of this employee in handing over the keys.  However, after the keys were handed over they were not able to find the keys to one of the showcases they broke the glass and took away cellular phones and three MP4 players. The value of the stolen items was “substantial” this newspaper was told.

London opined that the men were well prepared since they came with a bag in which they were able to put the stolen items.  He said that the men spent ten minutes at most in the café before they escaped in a waiting white car.

London said that the business is offering a reward of $200,000 for any information that would lead to the arrest of the culprits.  London also urged the men to return the stolen property to the business or to face the consequences, since he believed that their capture was imminent.
Police meanwhile are continuing their investigations.

This latest attack comes on the heels of two shooting incidents that.  On February 15, 30-year-old Terrence Plummer was shot in his head during a robbery attempt in front of the Imperial Chinese Restaurant on Sheriff Street. He and his friends were sporting at the time. Plummer eventually succumbed to his injuries a few days later.

On March 6, an internet café attendant Bobby Hemraj was shot in the abdomen by two men, at the Sheriff Street based Plaza Computers Services. On that occasion no demand was made for money.

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