Police to resume backlands patrols

Following their annual officers’ conference, the police yesterday announced that they will be resuming patrols in the backlands of the East Coast of Demerara, West Demerara and Berbice.

A press release yesterday stated that during deliberations at the coference, a number of decisions were made by those in attendance aimed at enhancing operational capabilities, the working environment of police ranks and police/community relations.

In addition to the backlands patrols, special roaming teams to patrol border areas and interior locations; training of ranks in Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch especially those at border locations as well as police stations and operation rooms with computers to commence sending morning reports and messages on crime via email are some of the key decisions that were reached.

According to the police release, the officers also made a decision to strengthen the Police Outpost at 72 kms, Barama Road and re-invigorate marine patrols among the “D”, “E &F”, and “G” Divisions in the Waini area.

A Strategic Training Plan for the Force is to be prepared by the Felix Austin Police College (FAPC) and there will be a Community Outreach Programme featuring the Police Military Band in concert and involving the Recruitment Section of the FAPC. There would also be increased use of video lectures during training in all subject areas at the FAPC and career development is to be conducted in all Police Divisions.

The role of Community Policing Groups is to be expanded to include traffic control along with the promotion of Youth Clubs within their community.
The release added that an agreement was reached for increased participation of the Police Scout Movement in all the Divisions across the country.
Divisional Commanders are to organize periodic community days to meet the public in relation to their concerns at a public place in their respective divisions.
A programme of training is to be developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security to assist Neighbourhood Police personnel in social intervention in their communities.

A team of officers has also been mandated to assess the implications of the separation of “E & F” Division.
Ranks who had traumatic experiences in the line of duty will be counseled routinely.

According to the release safe-driving competitions for police drivers and civilians are to be coordinated and conducted countrywide by the Police Traffic Department.
The communicating of crime tips and road safety tips through text messages to members of the public is an area that will be explored.

A series of lectures in crime, drugs, traffic and career guidance will be done at schools in all Policing Divisions. In addition, police ranks and police prosecutors are to be trained to deal with paper committals including statement analysis and video linking evidence in keeping with the amendments to the laws.

A decision was also made to revive the Police Magazine which was last published in 1989 and publish the police’s ‘Copper’ newspaper on a monthly basis instead of quarterly.

Divisional Commanders are to assist with both publications through the submission of stories done by ranks who are trained correspondents in the Divisions.
The Police Office of Professional Respon-sibility (OPR) is to be expanded to include an Audit Section and the body is also to improve its integrity testing capability, the release added.

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