Unified PNCR can retake reins of gov’t

According to a PNCR press release, the party held its first General Council meeting for the year yesterday, under the chairmanship of party Vice-Chairman Basil Williams, MP. The meeting was held at the party’s Sophia Headquarters and representatives from all of the regions, North America and the United Kingdom were present.

Delivering the main address, Corbin again made the case for the unity of the party, the release said, and pointed out that constructive ideas and thoughts can be powerful factors in pushing the party forward. He was confident that a unified and restructured PNCR was quite capable of taking back the reigns of government, it added.

“In this context he referred to the importance of the recently held Strategic Leadership Retreat, which constituted a road map for the better management restructuring and strengthening of the party,” the release said.

It added that he pointed to the difficult situation the nation finds itself in politically and economically and indicated how the party must confront these challenges in order to contribute to the national development of the country.

Dr Aubrey Armstrong, who made a presentation to the General Council on the Strategic Leadership Retreat, gave the background to it and outlined the vision and the objectives to be attained as a result of its deliberations. Addressing the issues of quality of leadership required, the responsibilities of each leader of the party at different levels, the release said, Armstrong made a strong case for “a highly motivated and organized PNCR which could reassert itself and become the leading force in Guyana’s political life”. He made particular reference to the contributions of previous leaders and the achievements of the party over the years, which could serve as a platform for its rebuilding and strengthening. The taking of prudent business measures would ensure that the party adequately financed its activities.

Earlier, the release said, General Secretary Oscar Clarke had presented his report on the activities of the party since the last General Council. He said that the party was operating in a difficult environment.

According to the release, he also indicated that the PPP had mismanaged the economy, and failed to take prudent measures to prevent the collapse of Clico and ensure the long-term viability of the National Insurance Scheme. The primary factor of current economic circumstances in Guyana is high unemployment and the rising cost of living, Clarke said and this was compounded by a rise in crime and narco-trafficking. The general secretary also gave a detailed description of the activities of the party and its various arms in the regions and indicated where this has led to its strengthening and where there is need for improvement.

The release said that following the presentations there was “a lively forum in which the general secretary’s report, the address by the leader of the party and the presentation by Armstrong were vigorously debated and analysed”.

The General Council then adopted the proposal from the secretariat on the 16th Biennial Congress programme as well as directed that some matters be referred to the Central Executive Committee for further examination and decision.

The General Council members were also entertained by dances performed by some members of the Guyana Youth and Student Movement.

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