Wounding suspect still at large

Stabroek News was told yesterday by a senior police official that the suspect is still at large. He explained that the man, Dillon Hudson, almost severed the hand of a minibus conductor on March 19. Though investigators had information about the man, no wanted bulletin was ever issued for him.

In a press release dispatched late Friday night, the police said they were investigating an incident that occurred about 11.15 am at Hadfield Street, Lodge during which Bobb-Semple, 54, a charwoman of Hadfield Street, Lodge, was shot in her right foot.

Responding to information received while conducting investigations into a report of felonious wounding, the release added, police went to a house at Hadfield Street in search of the suspect. “While searching the building one of the ranks was attacked by the suspect who was armed with a cutlass. Despite calls for him to desist, the suspect continued to fire chops at the police in his bid to escape, causing the rank to resort to the use of force.”

The rank discharged a round at the suspect but the man managed to escape.

The police were later informed that the woman was shot and injured. She was taken to the Georgetown Hospital where she was admitted.

This newspaper was told shortly after the incident that the police were chasing a man who was said to be living at a nearby house.

Minutes before she was wounded, Bobb-Semple was talking with a neighbour when they saw a man jumping their fence to escape from the police.

The neighbour had recounted that they were sitting talking when they noticed three policemen in a yard next door. Shortly after, a man was seen jumping over the fence and there was a loud bang. The man then jumped over another fence nearby.

Blood was later seen gushing from Bobb-Semple’s ankle, which resulted in the police abandoning their pursuit.

Devon Hudson, who was held in the house Hudson had been hiding in had said that he and another man Dwayne De Groot were being pushed towards the gate by two policemen when he heard a commotion. When he turned around, he said, he saw Hudson, who is his brother, dashing towards the zinc fence.

Hudson jumped the fence and immediately after a policeman who was pursuing him discharged the shot.

The man contended that the policeman who fired the shot could clearly see Bobb-Semple and her neighbour talking.

No one at the scene made any mention of the suspect being armed or attacking any of the policemen.

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