‘Yuppies’ slams abduction report

Faizul Ally, who the Kaieteur News reported was sought by the police in connection with an “abduction” yesterday denied the report and said that he will take legal action against the newspaper.

In yesterday’s edition of the newspaper under the headline ‘Police launch manhunt for taxi service owner’ an article stated that police have issued an “all station alert” for Ally called ‘Yuppies’ in relation to an abduction charge. The article stated that Ally is the owner of Wings Taxi Service and the police wanted him “arrested on sight”.

Ally yesterday said that the story is false. He said that his son is the owner of the taxi service. The man related that a former employee had stolen radio sets from him and he had gone to the man’s home but nothing of what was reported in the KN occurred. He said that the former employee and another man was arrested and the man, reportedly told the police that Ally had slapped him and it was for this reason that the police were seeking him. He said that the employee had admitted stealing the sets.

At about 8 am yesterday, he said, two ranks went to his home and took him to the Brickdam Police Station reportedly as a result of the story in the newspaper. He said he was released at about 2 pm after senior officers looked into the matter and said that the story in the KN was not true. According to Ally, a report for assault was lodged against him and it was this that he was wanted for. He said however, that he was “booked” for abduction at the Brickdam station. The police have not issued a statement on this matter.

Ally said that he was not charged and will take legal action against KN. He said that as a result of the publishing of the article, the taxi service had suffered.

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