Canada PM says coordinating with U.S. on auto aid

WASHINGTON, (Reuters) – Canada has been working  daily with American officials to coordinate on an aid plan for  struggling U.S. automakers and is committed to providing the  companies with a share of help, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen  Harper said yesterday.

“We’ve said whatever the United States government is  ultimately going to do, we’re prepared to do our 20 percent  share because we have 20 percent of the industry,” Harper told  Reuters in an interview.

“And we’ve been working daily with the American  administration to ensure we’re on the same page.”

“I’m certainly very confident that the Obama administration  is going to require the automobile manufacturers and their  stakeholders to make the difficult decisions necessary so that  any government support will be successful and will create a  viable industry,” Harper said.

“I think the last thing the president wants is, where we do  a government bailout that doesn’t work and we’ll have to do it  over again in a year or a year and a half.” The Canadian and provincial Ontario governments scheduled a  news conference for noon EDT (1600 GMT) today to make  statements on the restructuring efforts in the auto industry.

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