‘Missing’ teen not sexually molested, police say

– two held

Police yesterday said that a runaway teenager, who was found in a Victoria, East Coast Demerara house with an alleged homosexual and a woman, “was not sexually molested but had engaged in anal sex”.

The homosexual and the woman were taken into custody, but the police did not say if they were still being held.

The police issued a press release yesterday “to clarify aspects” of a Kaieteur News article published on Sunday under the caption, ‘Runaway teenaged boy rescued from bisexuals’ home’.

According to the press release, the article stated that the police had swooped down on a house at Victoria and rescued the teenaged boy who was being held against his will by a group of bisexual men and a young woman.

The article further stated that one of the occupants of the home was detained after he admitted that he had sexual relations with the boy and that police said the man could face abduction and buggery charges.

However police investigations into the matter, the release said, revealed that on February 22, the 15-year-old youth was sent on an errand by his mother to Leopold Street, Georgetown.

After not seeing him return, she made a missing persons’ report to the police on February 23. He was found by the police at a house in Victoria last Saturday. An alleged homosexual and his niece who were in the house at the time were arrested.

Further investigations revealed that the teenaged boy had travelled to Suriname and returned to the country on March 11, when he met the homosexual at the Stabroek Market area. He was subsequently invited to a house at Victoria “where he went of his own free will and was reportedly not abducted and was free to come and go as he pleased”.

It was also revealed, the police said, that the teenaged boy was not sexually molested but had engaged in anal sex with the homosexual.

According to the release investigations are continuing.

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