Mrs Jagan’s death a national loss – Benn

Minister of Transport and Hydraulics Robeson Benn said the death of former president Janet Jagan is not only a national loss but a personal loss for the many persons who have worked with her since the days of the anti-colonial struggle.

Benn also recognised her diligent partnership and advocacy for Guyana from the days of the anti-colonial struggle “through the barren years of dictatorship and the exhilaration of restoration; and through the sound stewardship and sacrifice of her presidency; and up to the time of her demise.”

According to a Government Information Agency press release the minister said Mrs Jagan’s well-known achievements in the political arena, her contributions to women’s groups and domestic workers including introducing housing for workers and middle-income groups as well as her authorship of children’s books are notable and will be emulated.

He said too she was an exemplary standard-bearer for the progressive movement, women and children’s rights in Guyana, the Americas and the wider world.

Benn extended condolences to her relatives saying, “our thoughts are with her family and on the task of continuing to build on her tremendous legacy.”

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