Mrs Jagan had great courage and resilience – Dharmic Sabha

In paying tribute to the late former President Janet Jagan the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha described her as a woman of great “courage and resilience which was demonstrated throughout her life in all her endeavours.”

In a press release the Sahba expressed condolences to her children and relatives and the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on the passing of Mrs Jagan.

According to the Sabha Mrs Jagan was never one to succumb and fought valiantly for whatever cause she espoused and she believed and supported the cause of the downtrodden and oppressed and at all times identified with ordinary folk in their pursuits for better life.

Mrs Jagan, the Shaba said, showed a keen interest in the development of women and was settled on the principle that women were entitled as of right to equal status as men and ought to be so treated.

“She formed the Women’s Progressive Organisation, through which she worked assiduously for the upliftment of women affording them the exposure and opportunities for self improvement thereby making a contribution to their communities and country,” the release said. Mrs Jagan also had close to her heart the causes of children particularly in education and she has authored many children’s books.

And as a journalist Mrs Jagan was disciplined and for more than forty years edited the Thunder and Mirror newspaper and she unequivocally subscribed to freed of the press.

She will be remembered for her selfless dedication and struggle for the betterment of Guyana, a country which she adopted as her own.

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