Several streets to be closed today

Several city streets will be closed to vehicular traffic today to facilitate the state funeral of former president Janet Jagan, while motorists travelling along the route to Babu John, Port Mourant, Corentyne, where she will be cremated, will experience some inconvenience.

Police said yesterday that a number of streets around Georgetown will be closed between 6 am and approximately noon, “as seen necessary, in order to facilitate the smooth conduct of the State Funeral…”

In a release the force said that in addition to the traffic arrangements in the city, it is anticipated that there will be some inconvenience to traffic along the route as the procession moves from Georgetown to Babu John.

According to the police, the cortege will leave Lyken’s Funeral Parlour to go to her residence at New Haven, Bel Air, moving north on John Street, east on Brickdam, north on Vlissengen Road, east on Homestretch Avenue, north on Mandela Avenue onto Sheriff Street, east on the Railway Embankment, south on Conversation Tree and then east into New Haven.

From there, the procession will proceed to Castellani House, travelling north on Conversation Tree, west on the Railway embankment, south onto Sheriff Street, west on Campbell Avenue and south on Vlissengen Road, where CastellanI House is located.

According to the force, the next stop will be Parliament Buildings and the route is south on Vlissengen Road, west on Brickdam into the Parliament Buildings Compound.

Then from there the cortege will stop at Freedom house by travelling north on Avenue of the Republic, east into Robb Street, where the party headquarters is located.

From Freedom House, the release said, the procession will move east on Robb, north on Wellington Street then west on North Road, north on Main Street, east on Young Street, onto Carifesta Avenue then onto Rupert Craig Highway, East Coast Public Road, onto the West Coast Berbice, across the bridge and then along the Corentyne public road to Babu John.

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