Fitzpatrick to present ‘Readings and Records on Jazz’ Thursday

The Friends of the Museum of African Heritage is inviting the public to a lecture “Readings and Records on Jazz” to be presented by Miles Fitzpatrick, SC on Thursday at the Museum of African Heritage, 13 Barima Avenue, Bel Air Park at 7 pm.

According to a press release, Fitzpatrick has been a jazz fan for over 40 years having being introduced to the musical art form by a school friend in Guyana.  This enchantment was strengthened when he arrived in London a year later to discover that his elder sister was a diehard jazz fan.

According to the release, the  musical dance of seduction continued and developed along with his knowledge of the various genres of jazz  while the love and commitment was reinforced by friends, reading on the subject, discussion sessions and collecting the music in various formats, including records and CDs.

However, throughout this 40-year period, he was quoted as saying, he remained “merely a fan, not an expert [no musical training] not a historian and certainly not a professional ‘critic’. This is why I have called this occasion ‘Readings and Records’. The expert historical and musical accounts are not mine, but those of noted authorities on the subject and the recorded performances will, I hope, help to illustrate their comments.”

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