Brazil confirms 4 cases of H1N1 flu-minister

BRASILIA, (Reuters) – Brazil confirmed four cases of  the new H1N1 flu virus, the country’s first, Health Minister  Jose Temporao said yesterday.

Brazil is the second country in South America to confirm a  case of the swine flu, after Colombia.

“The virus arrived in Brazil,” Temporao said, adding that  there were no indications it was circulating within the  country.
He said the four Brazilians had contracted the virus  abroad. Three had come from Mexico and one from the United  States.
Temporao said 15 people were still being tested for the  flu.

Brazil has been screening passengers on flights from the  United States, Mexico and Canada for flu symptoms and placed an  order for 100,000 surgical masks to be distributed at airports.  Ships are also being screened.
On Monday, the Health  Ministry asked the government to free  up 141 million reais ($66.9 million) to buff up measures  against the flu in Brazil.

The new flu, a mixture of swine viruses with elements of  human and bird flu, has now infected more than 2,000 people in  24 countries worldwide, the World Health Organization said yesterday.

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