Woman chopped by husband discharged from hospital

Anjenie Modan, the 44-year old woman who was severely chopped on her head, both hands and other parts of her body by her husband after she told him they should separate was yesterday discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator has still not yet been arrested. Relatives remained furious over what they have termed the “sloppy work” being done by the police in relation to having the man taken into custody.

The 131 Plastic City, West Coast Demerara (WCD) woman, told this newspaper in an earlier interview that the entire incident was the result of her decision to leave her husband.

The woman explained that some time last month she and her husband were experiencing some domestic problems and she decided to take him to court where he was placed on a bond to keep the peace for one year after she decided not to pursue the matter against him.

Since then, however, Modan said that her husband’s attitude had not improved and as a result she decided to tell him on Wednesday that they should go their separate ways. According to Modan, the man became enraged at her decision and went for the cutlass after which he began chopping her mercilessly.

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