Bullet-riddled, disemboweled bodies wash up in Essequibo

-victims believed to be foreigners

The bullet-riddled bodies of two men, believed to have been foreign nationals, were found in the Essequibo River, within a day of each other.

The men bodies bore gunshot wounds to the head and were both disemboweled and were buried yesterday by police, who explained that they were forced to proceed because of the advanced state of decomposition. Because both of the bodies washed up on beaches, it is apparent the men were killed elsewhere and their bodies dumped.

Residents of Wakenaam yesterday told Stabroek News that the men, said to be “fair in complexion,” were definitely not from the area and it was suspected that they might have been from neighbouring Venezuela.

Stabroek News was told that a farmer alerted the police to the first body around 4 pm on Tuesday. The farmer reported that he had seen a body floating in the river in the vicinity of Black Rock, Wakenaam. When police investigated, they found the body, dressed in a three quarter pants and white shirt, lying face down on the beach. A hole was observed at the top of the head; the abdomen had been “cut open” and the innards removed.

The other body, said to be of a male of around 25 years, was found face down on a beach at Hamburg, Essequibo River, dressed only in a black long pants. This body, medium in build and about 5 ft 9 ins in height, bore two gun shot wounds to the head; the abdomen had also been cut opened and some organs were missing.

Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh performed post-mortem examinations on both bodies yesterday morning and found that the men died from haemorrhage and shock due to gun shot injuries.

While the police buried the bodies it is not clear if they took any evidence that may later be used to identify the men should their relatives show up.

The discovery of the bodies recalled a similar occurrence in March of this year when the bullet-riddled bodies of a father and son, Romeo De Agrella and Clint De Agrella, were found at Iron Punt, North West District. The decomposing remains of the De Agrellas of Grant Strong Hope, Lower Pomeroon River, were found days after they failed to return home. Post-mortem examinations had revealed that they died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Crime Chief Seelall Persaud had told Stabroek News that the men’s murders were believed to be drug-related.

Police, in a statement, had said that investigations revealed that the victims had left Venezuela and after not returning as expected they were reported as missing on March 22.  The statement said their bodies were found with gunshot wounds while their boat, which also bore bullet holes, was recovered without the outboard motor engine.

The boat was found overturned in the Waini River by the occupants of a passing passenger vessel. It was subsequently pulled ashore.

Two men, Lloyd Roberts, 27, a minibus driver of 3667 North Ruimveldt and Tyrone Da Silva, 27, a farmer and boat operator Marlborough Pomeroon River were charged with the murders in June. An arrest warrant has been issued for a third man, Shawn Belfield, in connection with the murders.

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