Relief council assists eight families who suffered due to fire

The Guyana Relief Council (GRC) on Tuesday rendered assistance to eight families who suffered losses due to fire.

In a press release, the GRC said it provided assistance to Victorine Ifill for her family of three of Field ‘C’ Sophia; Sybil Annibourne’s family of five of Grove Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara (EBD); Ovid Benn’s family of one of Half Mile, Wismar; Zaimoon Sookram’s family of four of Temple Street, Crane, West Coast Demerara; Denise Mollyneaux’s family of two of Dennis Street Squatting Area, Sophia; Mahadai Rambajhan’s family of three of Craig Mill Street, Cove and John, East Coast Demerara; Marlette Bobb’s family of four of Bagotville, West Bank Demerara and Joylyn Barker’s family of three  of Public Road, Bagotstown, EDB.
The GRC said due to the generosity of its supporters it has been able to, for the year, provide assistance in 44 instances of fire, where 184 persons suffered losses; 111 welfare cases, nine organisation welfare cases and four hinterland welfare cases and three incidents of high wind where nine persons were affected.

It said too it is ever aware of the necessity to alleviate some of the trauma suffered by persons whose lives have been disrupted by disasters. The charity said due to the many fires it has had to respond to for the year its financial situation “is now becoming quite precarious” and as such it is appealing to the public to donate towards its humanitarian work. Donations can be made in cash or kind and can include building materials, kitchen utensils, mattresses and groceries.

The shelter remains available to accommodate victims of disasters who wish to be housed there temporarily, until their circumstances improve. The GRC is currently hosting some persons who have been affected by a recent fire.

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