PPP/C mourns Newburn Pompey’s passing

The PPP/C remembers Newburn Pompey’s “sterling contributions to the struggle for democracy and national development” even as it mourns his passing on Sunday.

In a press release the party said Pompey died at age 76. He joined the party in the mid-1950s and since then has worked tirelessly for the unity and strength of the party. He served in leading positions in the PPP/C: he was the Region Six RDC councillor since 1992; chairman of the Kiltern/Brighton PPP Group and also served at the district levels such as Director of the Guyana Turf Club at Port Mourant. He was also a Mirror news agent.

The PPP/C said Pompey’s death comes at time when he was the driving force in its mobilization activities in the Corentyne area. “He was a fountain of information on a wide range of issues and was always willing to give a helping had to those in need,” the release said. The PPP/C said it salutes Pompey’s loyalty. It also extended condolences to his wife and six children.

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