Wakenaam senior citizen Labwattie Ramdass recently received a wheelchair from the Wakenaam Full Gospel Church and the People’s National Congress Re-form. Ramdass, 83, is the grandmother of Dweive Kant Ramdass, the Bartica gold dealer who was brutally killed in the Essequibo River several weeks ago. She said that she was very happy when presented with the wheelchair by the party representative on the island, Perry Birbal yesterday. Birbal said that the wheel chair was sourced through the party’s human resource section, noting that the woman will now be able to move around the island independently as she was previously hampered from doing so, since she sustained a broken leg several years ago.

20091002labwattieThe woman’s daughter Chandrika Ramdass said that she was very grateful for her mother’s gift, adding that it will greatly assist the elderly woman.

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