CJIA simulates aircraft crash

The Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) on Wednesday conducted a simulated aircraft crash exercise in keeping with International Civil Aviation Organization requirement.

A Government Informa-tion Agency (GINA) press release said the aim of the exercise was three-fold: to test the adequacy of responses by all persons involved, the emergency plans and procedures and the emergency equipment and communication.

This year’s exercise simulated an aircraft crash outside the airport and entailed an aircraft running off the end of the runway after landing.

Twelve key agencies participated in the exercise including the Civil Defence Commission, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital, Davis Memorial Hospital, Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, Airport Security Unit, Guyana Defence Force, Guyana Police Force, Airport Fire Service, Customs and Immigration and the CJIA. Those agencies collectively coordinated and executed the rescue, transportation and medical care of casualties and security of the crash site.

Minister of Transport and Hydraulics Robeson Benn said the airport has to always be able and prepared for an unforeseen event and that this enactment has to be done repeatedly to improve response time.

He said airport and other relevant personnel should be able to react in situations where help can be offered quickly. Benn pointed out that should an unforeseen event occur everyone should respond in such a manner that would optimize care and safety.

According to GINA planning for the event began about six months ago and transportation was provided by some of the agencies involved.

Chief Executive Officer of the CJIA Ramesh Ghir said the exercise was planned and executed in accordance with the air force emergency manual.
He said the simulated crash involved a Boeing 707 aircraft with 50 passengers. The exercise showed accepted response by many of the participants involved and a de-briefing will be done by the observation and critique team, the release said.

Approximately 300 persons were involved in the exercise.

Seven persons comprised the on-the-ground critique team and another 20 comprised the observers, GINA said.

Previous exercises were conducted in 2007, which simulated an aircraft crash within the aerodrome and in 2006 a hostage situation on board an aircraft.

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