Girvan tipped for UN Good Officer post

Professor Norman Girvan is tipped to be the United Nations Good Officer in the Guyana/Venezuela border issue.

Norman Girvan
Norman Girvan

Sources within the ministry have confirmed Girvan’s nomination and indicated that the foreign ministers of both countries are to meet UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to submit the names of their nominees for consideration.

However the PNCR believes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ill prepared to support him in the way it should.

Leader Robert Corbin at a press conference on Thursday said his party acknowledged that Girvan, who is a professorial research fellow at the University of the West Indies Graduate Institute of International Relations, is well respected in the region at large.

Corbin said while he had not given the possible appointment much thought, he was sure Girvan would bring much experience and skills to bear in the solution of the issue. However, he said Girvan would need the support of the Foreign Ministry, which Corbin feels is ill prepared.

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