AFC celebrates fourth year on October 29

The AFC last week announced that it would be observing its fourth year as a political party on October 29.

In a statement, the party said since its launch it has continued to grow and expand its reach to every region of the country. “The leadership is aware that it will be tough and tireless going but is proud of its record and is ever mindful that there is much, much more work to be done,” it noted.

The party said too that it was grateful for the support it has received despite ongoing setbacks that include being unable to utilize the disputed Region 10 parliamentary seat, the harassment of its members and supporters, and the daily challenge of confronting the lawlessness and high-handedness of the administration, and the abject poverty endured by so many. “The road ahead might be difficult at times but a rewarding one as we work as a party to enter government so as to bring stability, peace, and prosperity to every Guyanese; whether resident here or abroad,” the statement said.

During the month, the party will be holding an Inter-Faith Religious Service, its annual Marlis Archer and Maxi Perreira Cycle Race, and a family fun day, aiding the indigent, and training its cadres/leaders in the 10 regions. This will be capped off with a meeting of the National Executive Committee at the end of the month, it added.

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