Two nabbed with stolen items in Bourda Market

Two bandits will today make a court appearance after they were caught by vigilant City Constabulary ranks inside the Bourda Market with some $390,000 worth of items they had stolen from two stalls.

According to the information reaching Stabroek News, around 1.50 am yesterday the constables were patrolling the Robb Street section of the market when they observed two individuals inside. The main building in the market was closed and the gates secured with chains and padlocks.

When the ranks entered the building, the men fled but were pursued and subsequently caught. They had in their possession haversacks containing about $9,000 worth of medicines and $381,000 worth of children’s clothing.

It was later discovered that the shutters on a drug store and a clothes stall had been prised open and articles were missing.

In the past stall holders have had their businesses broken into and thousands of dollars in goods stolen.

A source told this newspaper yesterday that the City Constabulary is supposed to patrol the market every night to ensure that all the stalls are secure and to detect bandits.

It was pointed out that bandits would gain entry into the market after closing hours by jumping over a gate which is in a deplorable state.

According to the source, the top of a particular gate has been broken for some time and the council has neglected to fix it.

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