Venezuelan delegation to finalize rice purchases


The Ministry of Agriculture yesterday said that a team from Venezuela is due shortly to finalize the purchase of rice from Guyana which will enable lucrative returns to farmers.

The move comes amid heated complaints from farmers about the low price for paddy and difficulties in securing payments from millers. A release yesterday from the Ministry of Agriculture said that in a bid to ensure farmers obtain a better price for paddy, Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud dispatched a two-member team last week to Venezuela to secure additional markets for Guyana’s rice.

The team comprised Jagnarine Singh, General Manager, Guyana Rice

Development Board and Dharamkumar Seeraj, General Secretary, Guyana Rice

Producers Association. The release said that they met with Venezuelan authorities to secure additional markets. It did not explain who these authorities were and who exactly would be purchasing the rice. The release added that a delegation from Venezuela will be visiting Guyana this week to follow up and finalize purchases of rice from Guyana. “This will ensure lucrative returns for farmers”, the release added.

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