Man charged with beating 103-year-old mother

“He ties his mother to a chair and beats her,” a witness told Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson shortly before she remanded a man who allegedly assaulted his 103-year-old mother.

Desmond Atherly pleaded not guilty to the charge of assault when it was read to him at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

It is alleged that on October 5 the man unlawfully assaulted his mother, Millicent Sealy.
Two women, one of whom prepares meals for the accused and his mother, both alleged that Atherly has physically abused his mother on more than one occasions.

One of the women explained that on October 5 it was in her presence that he assaulted Sealy.
“I was standing right there when he did it,” she stated.

Attorney-at-law Leslie Sobers, who represented the accused, contended that his client “staunchly resists these wicked contentions that he assaulted his mother”. Sobers further said that the matter was reported by “prying neighbours” who might have their own intentions.

However, the prosecution told the court the 103-year-old woman can hardly walk and could not have made it to the police station so the matter was reported to the police by the two women on her behalf.

The attorney argued that the police should’ve been able to go to Sealy if she couldn’t go to them to make a report.

After listening to both parties for an extended period the magistrate refused Atherly bail. The matter will continue tomorrow.

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