Complainant in McCoy matter fears going public -Benschop

…but mother willing to speak to police
Social activist Mark Benschop said yesterday that the boy, caught up in an alleged child solicitation case involving Office of the President Press and Publicity Officer Kwame McCoy, is fearful of going public but his mother is willing to cooperate with police on behalf of her son.

The disclosure comes on the heels of police statements that they are in search of the child. However, Benschop insists the authorities have no such interest.  He charged that the police are “fully aware of where the mother is and how to contact her” if they were serious about a probe. “They know where this youngster is, they know how to locate the mother so let them stop playing games with people…” he added.

Benschop called a press conference at his East Street office to address what he said has been “the lies being peddled by those in authority”. The press briefing was aired live on Benschop’s radio station on his website,

“I cannot understand for what reason the President of this country did not take the time to listen to the tape”, Benschop said. He then stated that the President is either being fed erroneous information on this case from the Police Commissioner or that he is simply not being truthful.
Benschop declared that the boy’s mother has no confidence in the administration taking any action and or the police conducting a probe, but is however willing to speak on behalf of her son.

The mother is not likely to produce the boy, Benschop said, adding the family has only one option which would be to seek asylum at one of the foreign embassies here. But when quizzed as to whether the woman would be willing to approach a local non governmental organisation such as the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA), Benschop said that was a possibility as the GHRA is credible.

On the issue of whether he is willing to cooperate with police, Benschop said the police have no time with him. He said the officers who approached him a short while ago were “more concerned about some phone call [McCoy] made to Kaieteur News”. “I am willing to take a lie-detector test in this matter”, he said. Additionally, Benschop said he is in possession of video evidence that makes an even stronger case.
Further, Benschop re-vealed that he is among a group of concerned individuals who will soon institute private criminal charges in the matter. He questioned why social groups have been silent on the issue.

He said also no record exists that a phone call was made from his office to McCoy’s office as is being suggested by officials including the President. He also criticized the Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Priya Manickchand for publicly saying nothing can be done in the case if it can be proven.

According to him, the Minister need only check the courts for evidence about similar cases involving adult males and young boys.

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