Accident victim says blinded by vehicle’s high beam lights

Vishal Singh-Lallman of 30 Hague WCD related that he was riding his motorcycle in a southern direction in the vicinity of Den Amstel when he noticed a vehicle approaching in his lane.

Singh-Lallman said the vehicle had on its high-beam lights which blinded him. Though he tried to signal to the driver to dim his lights, the injured man said, his efforts were futile and in a bid to avoid crashing head-on into the speeding vehicle, he had no choice but to run his motorcycle off the road and into a nearby trench.

He said the pillion rider was pitched off cycle and landed in the trench also but sustained no injuries.

Singh-Lallman’s incisors were also broken and had to be extracted. He also received injuries to his chest and scratches and bruises about the body.

Meanwhile, a press release sent by the GPH said that at 02:42 hrs, Singh-Lallman was taken to the Accident and Emergency Unit after he reportedly lost control of the motorcycle and ran into a trench.

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