Pregnant Linden mother died of burst blood vessel – post-mortem

The autopsy was performed by Chief Medical Officer attached to the hospital Dr Farouk Riyasat. Thirty-five-year-old Tricia Winth and her full-term unborn baby died at the hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Her husband Eusibo Winth told Stabroek News yesterday that he wants a full investigation to be launched into the circumstances surrounding their deaths as he believes that nurses were negligent in the care they administered to his wife.

Winth told this newspaper that his wife had decided to seek the advice of a private doctor after nurses had told her that the baby was in the breech position and would have to be delivered by caesarean section. “We decided to go to a private doctor because she said that she was feeling her baby in a normal position contrary to what they were telling her at the clinic. All that time she never had high blood pressure till around the last month of her pregnancy. They only thing was that she used to get really bad migraine headaches,” he said.

Winth said the doctor sent his wife for an ultrasound examination which revealed that the baby was in the normal birth position. The doctor had also said that the baby was big and following Tricia’s second visit on Thursday, her blood pressure was found to be high.

“He give her some medication for her pressure and told her that he would have admitted her yesterday for observation but she didn’t make it to yesterday,” the man said.

Recalling the ill-fated night, Winth said he believed that the nurses on duty may have erred when they administered medication to his wife without the consent of a doctor.

“Since they see she pressure going out of control they had a right to call the doctor. They examined her and said that she wasn’t ready and give her medication,” he said. Winth said too that it was not until his wife had started slipping in and out of consciousness that the doctor was called out.

“Her doctor told me that he never got a call from the nurses until 11.30 pm and by the time he got there he fight and fight but there wasn’t much he coulda do” Winth said.

The distraught man said since his wife’s records show that she had been experiencing gestational hypertension her doctor should have been called in immediately following her admission.