Trini-American shot dead in city

(Trinidad Guardian) – A Trinidadian national, a naturalised American citizen, was shot dead in Port-of-Spain on Sunday morning, all because he wined on another man’s girlfriend.

Leevurn Lyons, 29, formerly of Junction Road in Boys Town, Sangre Grande, was pronounced dead on arrival at St Clair Medical Centre, after being shot about the body from point-blank range. The incident occurred around 8.30 am on Sunday on Cipriani Boulevard, Port-of-Spain.

According to police reports, a Carnival fete had just ended in a car park on Cipriani Boulevard.

Lyons, who was outside the fete, decided to wine on a woman who was also dancing. Lyons, who lived in California, USA, was confronted by the woman’s boyfriend, and a heated argument ensued. The boyfriend reportedly whipped out a gun and fired several shots, hitting Lyons about the body. The shooting caused patrons and pedestrians to scamper for safety. Lyons slumped to the ground, bleeding from his wounds. He was rushed to St Clair Medical Centre, but succumbed to his wounds. The shooting was witnessed by a policeman and several other persons who were leaving the party.

The suspect, a Trinidadian, 30, who lives in Canada, was held by the police a short distance from the shooting. His girlfriend, age 26, formerly of Paris Boulevard, Laventille, and who now lives in England, was also held by the police with a .45 pistol and seven rounds of ammunition. Officers of the Organised Crime, Narcotics and Firearms Bureau, who responded to the report, also recovered several spent shells. Police believe the pistol was the gun used in the fatal shooting. Both the suspect and his girlfriend were detained by the Homicide Bureau for questioning. Police are awaiting the results of a post-mortem.

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