Cops probe report of plan to snatch a daughter of the Opposition Leader

(Trinidad Express) – Acting Commissioner of Police James Philbert is investigating an alleged plot to kidnap one of the daughters of Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday.
Sources told the Express on Tuesday night that Philbert met Panday at the Opposition Leader’s office in Port of Spain on the allegation.

According to a source, a fisherman overheard a conversation about a plot to kidnap one of the Panday girls early Tuesday and contacted the police.
Panday has four daughters – Niala, Mickela, Nicola and Vastala. His eldest daughter, Niala, was from his first marriage and she currently lives in Scotland. She recently gave birth to a baby girl, Panday’s first grandchild.

Mickela is the Member of Parliament for Oropouche West. Panday, his wife, Oma, and three daughters live in Palmiste, San Fernando.
Sources say the fisherman was at Las Cuevas beach early Tuesday morning, when he saw two vehicles.

The fisherman found it curious that the two cars were parked so early in the morning at the beach and decided to casually walk past to see what was happening.
The fisherman told police he saw two men in discussions and one handed the other a big brown envelope.

Sources say the fisherman told police he overheard one of the men say “kidnap one of Panday’s daughters”. The fisherman, upon hearing this, contacted the authorities.
Sources say a statement was taken from the fisherman in the presence of the acting Commissioner of Police.

The Express also learned that members of the Anti-Kidnapping Squad visited Panday’s Palmiste residence yesterday, where they met and talked with Oma and Panday’s daughters.

Panday seemed in shock when contacted and asked whether the report was true. After a long pause, he said, “What the hell,” and then paused again and before adding, “I can’t talk about this, no comment.”

Contacted again later, Panday confirmed the allegations. Questioned if there was an attempt to kidnap Mickela, he said, “Let’s not talk about that.”
Pressed further as to if it was true, he responded, “Yes, it is true.” Asked again if it was Mickela, he said, “No, no, it’s one of my daughters.”
Sources said that none of Panday’s daughters was identified in the particular report and the fisherman said in his statement that no names were called.

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