(Trinidad Express) Four police officers from an elite crime-fighting unit in the Southern Division were taken in for questioning Thursday, over their alleged involvement in the theft from a casino of almost $100,000.

The money-grab was caught on tape.

The policemen were questioned by members of the Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau (ACIB).

The acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) was consulted in the case.

On Friday night, the Express learnt that warrants would be issued for two police corporals and two police constables, with the stipulation they be granted bail of $150,000 each on the condition they hand over their passports.

Acting Police Commissioner James Philbert has been briefed on the case, the Express was told.

Philbert has warned officers that they will face charges -disciplinary or criminal- should they be found to have broken any law.
The investigation stemmed from a robbery at Club Avenue 5, Duncan Village, San Fernando, before daybreak last week Friday.

Police were called to the club after getting a call from a man who said he saw someone walk in with a shotgun.

Police arrested two suspects, 21 and 29, seized $38,000 in stolen money, and recovered a homemade shotgun and ammunition. A third man was later implicated in the robbery.

But it was only after a review of the surveillance tapes by the casino’s management that images were found of men in police uniform stuffing their pockets with wads of cash from a vault.

Some $96,000 was taken.

On Thursday, the ACIB took the suspect police officers to Port of Spain for questioning.

This is the latest in a string of incidents in which police officers have been alleged to have been involved in illegal activities.

Earlier this month, a cache of drugs, firearms and ammunition was found in the ceiling at the St Joseph Police Station. Some 38 officers who were attached to the station were transferred following the find, but the investigation into that incident is still ongoing.

In another incident, also this month, drugs which were exhibits in various court cases and had been ordered destroyed, were found at a police officer’s home. That case too is still being investigated.

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