Gunmen kill Bajan father

(Barbados Nation) A father of eight was shot and killed by intruders as he closed up at his workplace early Sunday morning.

This latest incident involves 59-year-old Anderson “Blue George” Phillips of Thyme Bottom, Christ Church, who was killed as he left Pam’s Variety in the same area.

The fatal shooting has left some residents fearful as it is the second violent incident in two weeks and the latest in a disturbing trend, they said.

Phillips was closing the store around 1:15 a.m. when he was attacked by two armed men and was shot and killed in the ensuing struggle.

Residents said this incident was only the latest in a series over the past five years. One neighbour, who requested anonymity, said two weeks ago two youths were charged with breaking into a nearby house but only received a “slap on the wrist” and were released.

Another neighbour, who also requested anonymity, said she was becoming scared to live there. She recounted what she experienced yesterday. “I heard him [Phillips] saying, ‘What you doing ‘bout here?’. Then I heard three gunshots and a man ran through here.”

The woman said before she went out to Phillips’ aid she heard a car door slam and then the car drove off.