The government knew this flood was coming and it has to do something for the families affected

Dear Editor,

My Mahaicony family suffered another loss with the flooding. All their cash crops, chickens and sheep perished. We will offer assistance but the suffering needs more than assistance from families. The government has got to do something. People have the banks to pay, but the floods have destroyed their produce. Their children have to eat, but there is no money.

The government knew this flood was coming. This is no new crisis. Floods happened before and this one should not be a surprise. The land needs proper drainage to take off the water. The rivers need dredging. People are paying rates and taxes and all we are getting in return is destruction of our produce, land and houses.

This government is not looking after people. People are sick over their losses. If you talk they accuse you of supporting Mr Sharma or the PNC. My relatives voted for the PPP but they are suffering like hell. Who is going to help them now?

Yours faithfully,
Navindra Persaud

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