Guyana’s recognition in North America is for the wrong reasons

Dear Editor,

Guyana can certainly do with some recognition and publicity for its fledgling tourism industry but its recent notoriety in North America has been for the wrong reasons and with a terrible price. The tragic and sickening news of recent drug busts, particularly the Canadian bust, has draped an embarrassing cloak over all things Guyana and all Guyanese living abroad and at home. News like this makes it difficult for Guyanese travellers, and casts a terrible net of suspicion over the majority of hardworking, decent Guyanese people making a living in the diaspora. As usual, no one has been captured or prosecuted yet in Guyana, and given the recent success rate of the armed forces I would safely assume that such capture and prosecution is nothing more than a mirage now. I do hope that 2009 is the harbinger of better news out of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Michael Max

Comment extracted from Stabroek News website

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