Lay magistrates and justices of the peace have made tremendous contributions

Dear Editor,

With reference to the letter by Mr RJ Eleazar captioned ‘Do we really need lay magistrates?’ (SN 1.1.09), up front let me say that I am not a lawyer, I do not have any disrespect for the legal profession, and I have great respect for Mr Eleazar. However I am concerned about the administration of justice in Guyana. Now everyone in Guyana knows that UG does not churn out attorneys-at-law. They churn out law graduates who must do further legal training to become attorneys-at-law. From his letter it seems that Mr Eleazar is even suggesting there is no need for justices of the peace. JPs provide a valuable service in the administration of justice. Mr Eleazar is fully aware that within the English legal system the lay magistrate and the justice of the peace have made tremendous contributions. I would be a most happy person if I could see more attorneys-at-law taking up appointments as magistrates.

Yours faithfully,
Pandit Chrishna Persaud, JP

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