Mr Corbin is not serious about shared governance

Dear Editor,
Supporters of the PNC need to be more worried than comforted by Mr Robert Corbin’s new interest in shared governance. Amidst the clamouring for him to go this is a cunning move to hold onto office. Under Corbin the PNC is at its most impotent. Corbin has demolished the party, brick by brick, block by block.

Mr Corbin is not serious about shared governance when he instigated the departures of James McAllister and Vincent Alexander, the party’s shared governance architects. Basil Williams, shadow Labour Minister, will not get the PPP to discard the Trade Union Recognition Bill. The bill will pass because the Guyana Labour Union is now in FITUG allowing the PPP to argue FITUG has the most representative workers. The PPP has been given the most important portfolios in the Region 4 Democratic Council and the same was going to happen in Region 7. The PPP has not returned the favour in the regions they have won.

The PNC has 25 seats in Parliament; look and see how representative these seats are in relation to the 10 regions.

Power concedes nothing without a fight. To get shared governance, prevent the Trade Union Recognition Bill from passing, and make the PPP responsible you have to negotiate from positions of strength. Corbin has effectively nullified that strength. Come on, people, let Corbin go. Save the party from Corbin and Corbin from himself; don’t be fooled away.
Yours faithfully,
J Prass

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