Outsiders dumping garbage in Great Diamond housing area

Dear Editor,
When I became a proud owner of a houselot and subsequently built my own house in Section A Block X Great Diamond, I felt that swell of emotion that follows remarkable success.

The Minister of Housing in a brief with some houselot awardees had emphasised the desire that the area be kept pristine with houseowners playing their part in maintaining the area as a showpiece.

On the first street in Section A Block X, the building of houses have been sparingly carried out. The result is that many vacant lots exist. On the western side of the street is a major drainage canal bordered by an expansive reserve parapet. This street is almost impassable now and residents are forced to use the second street (School Street) for access to their homes. Taxis are not accepting fares for First Street.

As if that is not enough inconvenience to the residents, we are now prey to the widespread dumping of garbage along the western reserve in the vicinity of vacant houselots. One particular heap of garbage consists of hundreds of plastic bottles and boxes. It is clear that this pile of garbage does not represent household waste. A vehicle was used to transport this waste, possibly in the late evenings when persons would have retired. This is blatant lawlessness and must be condemned. In addition, other piles of garbage are dumped in the vicinity of other vacant houselots along the reserve.

Residents of Block X Great Diamond have a dependable weekly collection of garbage by the NDC. Clearly these residents would have no reason to dump garbage in this manner. The culprits are those persons who live outside of the area and are intent on destroying the aesthetics of our community.

I call upon the NDC to clear these unsightly mounds of garbage and perhaps put some system in place to catch these people in the act of the illegal dumping of garbage.

To leave a city that reeks of garbage at every corner and parapet for the comfort of our homes in a community in which we take pride, is a therapy for much of the stress we may be subject to. Now we may be competing with Georgetown for the title of the dirtiest and most unsightly place where people live and dwell.
Save us from this abomination.
Yours faithfully,
Rudolph D Mahadeo

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