Numbers count for the purposes of the Trades Union Recognition Bill

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) and PNC cannot blame the government for the Trades Union Recognition Bill. The PNC and GTUC say the GTUC is recognised by the Intern-ational Labour Organisation and the bill will make the Federation of Independent Trades Unions of Guyana the recognised federation.
The government says it wants to consult the federation with the most members. Don’t blame the government. Blame the GTUC, Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU), Guyana Labour Union (GLU) and PNC.

Here’s why. The GLU has joined FITUG. The GTUC President, Ms Burton is affiliated to the PNC and was a candidate in the last elections. The GPSU is not in the GTUC.

Do the maths. GLU plus NAACIE plus CCWU plus GAWU equals most members in FITUG. GPSU and GLU out of the GTUC equals fewer members.

The Trade Union Recog-nition Bill will have no effect if either 1) the GLU leaves FITUG or 2) the GPSU returns to the TUC.

If the PNC didn’t want the bill to pass Mr Corbin should have made sure the GLU did not join FITUG or he could try and make the GLU leave FITUG. If the GTUC doesn’t want the bill to pass Ms Burton would have to persuade the GLU to leave FITUG.

Though the PPP resuscitated FITUG to replace the GTUC the trades union are better off being independent. The PPP already occupies too much space and this is unhealthy for the society.
Yours faithfully,
Roy Ramroop

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