Dear Editor,
Very interesting, Mr Bisram’s letter of January 6 in SN headed ‘Airlines should use a commonsensical approach to screening passengers,’ with the advice that “Passengers would be wise to dress in such a way as not to attract much attention about their religious faith…”  Would that make much difference, I wonder?  After 9/11, I  (a part-Indian 70+ woman) was conscious of being monitored − sometimes very closely − on board airlines with headquarters in North America, although I was dressed in  typical UK mode.

One solution might be to use airlines other than those owned and operated by North Americans.   When I got fed up with on-board rudeness and obvious monitoring, I boycotted those airlines and now travel with the less ‘paranoid’ ones.
I now feel more relaxed and enjoy my flights.

As I see it, an expensive product is being bought and it should be free of defects – ‘of satisfactory quality.’  This assumes, of course, there is a fair choice of airlines servicing the Caribbean.
Yours faithfully,
Geralda Dennison

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