Al Jazeera is showing the Arab world what Israel is doing

Dear Editor,
Since this new Israeli massacre of the Palestinians has started I have watched BBC, CNN, Fox News and other reporters interview Israeli leaders and sympathizers and all I hear is that Hamas is a terrorist organization. I hear nothing about the Israeli false pull-out from Gaza; I hear nothing asked about the crippling blockade of Gaza for months; I don’t hear the Western reporters ask about the occupation of Palestinian land.

In this conflict the Muslim leaders except Iran are the most disgusting; just imagine Mubarak is waiting on Israel to give him permission to open the Egypt side of the Gaza border. They all know the evil of Israel but are awaiting orders from Bush.

One thing is certain: Al Jazeera TV is showing the Arab world what Israel is doing, and of course the people in the Arab world are taking notice.
Watch for the Ayatollah of Saudi Arabia.
Yours faithfully,
WP George

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