Pleasing developments at Vryman’s Erven Secondary School

Dear Editor,
The letter columns are a place where frustrations are vented, where lies and corruption are exposed. But it doesn’t end there. It is also a place where the good things are also exposed and made mention of. Hence, with regard to my letter which appeared in these columns last November 19, 2008 (‘The Ministry of Education needs to get its priorities right’) concerning a dire situation of need at the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School in New Amsterdam, it is my duty to report here the developments during the recent months which took place resulting from the publication of my letter.

On November 21, 2008 I was summoned to a meeting with the Regional Education Officer, Ms Shafiran Bhajan which resulted in a number of pleasing developments and changes in the weeks which followed.

On November 24, Ms Bhajan visited the school and looked at the entire building. She noted the dire need for furniture at the school. That same day, over three dozen English Literature textbooks arrived at the school compliments of the Department of Education Region Six. On December 1, a water pump and two heavy duty stand fans were sent to the school by the Department of Education. On December 2, several more dozens of English Literature textbooks (class sets) arrived at the school. On December 4, two canter-loads of desks and benches (over thirty pairs) arrived at the school and were immediately distributed to the various classes.

On January 5, 2008, the beginning of the New Year, I learnt that the entire school building will be repainted immediately. A new head teacher was also appointed prior to the opening of school and will take up his position at the school very shortly.

Editor, I wish to thank the Regional Education Officer, Ms Shafiran Bhajan for her co-operation and understanding during this period. She has graciously extended a helping hand to the school and pledged personally to me her continual support should any other need arise. Thanks to you, too, Editor, for granting me some space in publishing the letter.

The situation at the school is entirely different now and hopefully things will change for the betterment of the students there.
Yours faithfully,
Leon Jameson Suseran

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