The GTUC should focus on issues important to workers, not trade union unity

Dear Editor,
Ms Burton and the GTUC are not purposeful. The President New Year’s Message said they were disappointed they did not achieve trade union unity in 2008. Can Ms Burton and the GTUC give any assurance on this issue? If they brought GAWU, NAACIE and others back to the GTUC and people decided to strike against this hard-nosed government would GAWU and NAACIE join or would they walk out of the GTUC again?

The GTUC is complaining about government disrespect for them and the workers, and at the same time asking suffering workers to co-operate with the government that is inflicting pain on them. VAT, floodwaters, no jobs and poor wages are killing workers, and the GTUC is focusing on trade union unity with government unions that want to break them up. The GTUC should mobilize around the real problems affecting the people, and not expend scarce time focusing on unity with GAWU, NAACIE and others. Focus on the problems that are important to the pauperization of workers.
Yours faithfully,
Winston Paul

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