Dear Editor,
With respect to the reports in the Chronicle and on the NCN TV channel concerning the incident with me at the Berbice River Bridge, at no time did I behave in a disorderly manner. At no time did I use threatening language towards anyone. At no time have I indicated that I wanted a free ride across the bridge. At no time did the situation get ugly. At no time did I obstruct any traffic. At no time was I on the run from the police.

At no time did I leave my vehicle at the booth and cross the bridge. I had no altercation with the booth attendant. There was no build-up of traffic on the bridge during the time I was in conversation with the shift manager. In fact, the second toll booth was free for 95% of the time I was there. So, please NCN and Chronicle get your facts straight and stop spreading propaganda.

I am pleased that the magistrate saw it fit to send me home on self bail having listened to both sides and that he ordered that my vehicle be returned to me with immediate effect since there was no reason for detaining it.

This was not a bullying issue for me. In fact, it was standing up for my rights and that of others who would be afraid to stand up.
Yours faithfully,
Mark Benschop

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