Dear Editor,
The efforts by our local newspapers at king-making have not gone unnoticed by their readers. It is  clear to us all that the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News are going this route, the former by its determined promotion of Raphael Trotman and the latter of Dr Van West Charles, former Minister of Health under the PNC government and son-in-law of the late President Burnham.

National newspapers, by the very virtue of that description, ought to be fair and impartial, bestowing the same degree of criticism and support for all factions, political or otherwise. It is disheartening to witness the blatant favouritism displayed in some instances and certainly, while the Guyana Chronicle and Times are decidedly pro-government, we do expect better from the Stabroek News, if not the Kaieteur News.

On January 20, 2009, we will witness the inauguration of America’s first black president, a moment of glory for those of us all over the world who have struggled and continue to struggle for equality, against discrimination, for the simple freedom to be accepted for who we are regardless of ethnicity, colour, religion, or political affiliation. We can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this event is as a result of hard work, determination and the American people, not a particular faction of the American media.

Undoubtedly Messrs Trotman and Van West Charles may very well be leadership material (who knows) and have what it takes to make the difference that Guyana is so desperately hungry for, but that is surely something that the people should decide rather than the Kaieteur News or Stabroek News. Certainly political candidates need all the publicity and promotion they can get but it should be done in a non-discriminatory manner where all are treated the same and it is time that this not only be done but imperative that it also appear to be done as well.

Yours faithfully,
Mark Benschop
Editor’s note
Stabroek News is not engaged in promoting Raphael Trotman or any other political leader. In addition, in our editorials we have had absolutely nothing to say about Mr Trotman as a leader.

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