Guyanese should use Obama’s inauguration to reflect on the health of our nation

Dear Editor,

As the world views with awe, pride, scepticism, pragmatism, optimism, pessimism − or whatever  the emotion felt by each individual − the inauguration of Barack Obama, we Guyanese must take this opportunity to pause and reflect on the health of our own nation. Such introspection should show that the paths and struggles along the journey were similar at many points. The struggle and pain of racism, injustice, independence, as well as of citizens who have a poor understanding of our purpose on earth and who experience political oppression and misrule. Emerging from this requires a concerted effort by each of us to ensure that the Phoenix can rise from the ashes.

I wish to briefly mention a letter in SN captioned ‘The trail for Obama was blazed by Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi,’ in which the blogs debated the fitting role of Gandhi in the success of Barack Obama. Dr Martin Luther King has given credit to the concept of passive resistance, which he practised; however, Dr King’s life and work appealed to the higher qualities in all in an effort to steer people towards a perfect union by denouncing segregation and directing our attention to what he called the ‘promised land.’

We must acknowledge the recent call by AFC leadership to empower people through education, a necessary and important path.

Yours faithfully,
James O Bunbury, Jr

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