Dear Editor,

The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama was an epoch-making moment, with the world holding its breath in excitement and joy. Whoever thought that Europe, all of North America, Africa, South America and the Caribbean, Asia − indeed the entire world would feel such awe and goodwill at the outcome of the American elections and the inauguration of a President in what is still the richest and most powerful nation of the world. He is an African-American, the child of an immigrant father.

Only in America. This is why I always say, ‘God bless America indeed.’

Some of those who led America over the last fifty years have brought it to its knees; with the people of America and the world in pain, needing a change, a renaissance, new blood and a new dispensation,  I believe Barack Hussein Obama represents exactly this!

May God bless this great soul.  May he make the impact that the world expects.  The world expects much, maybe too much.  But our prayers must be with him that he accomplishes the divine tasks he was created to accomplish.

Yours faithfully,
Roshan Khan

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